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Salt Lake City, Utah - Gov. Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. announced Friday the State of the State address will be held at Washington Elementary School in Bountiful, Utah. While the Capitol is under construction, the State of the State has been held in different locations. Huntsman's inaugural address last January was given in Fillmore, Utah's first territorial capitol.

"I think it's a good idea to go to the local communities around the state to present the State of the State as we have the opportunity, especially now as the Capitol is being renovated," said Sen. Dan Eastman, R-Bountiful.

Less than 10 miles north of the Utah State Capitol, Washington Elementary School will host the Jan. 17 evening address. Guests will include the state's 104 legislators and others.

"This is our chance to make more people a part of Utah's history," Huntsman said. "Washington Elementary School represents all the schools in our state, where the state's future leaders learn to be concerned citizens and to love Utah like you and I do."

The Title 1 school exemplifies the exploding growth in Utah's student population. This year's 440-student population has increased by about 100 students from last year due to local growth.

"I think that we feel really honored and pleased," said Principal Carolyn Ingles. "We're kind of a small school with a very needy population. We're proud of ourselves as well as the opportunity to show off our school as well as host the State of Utah."

The multipurpose room at Washington Elementary School, 340 West 650 South, can hold about 450 people. There will be a dinner and reception after the governor's address.

The details of the event are still being planned and will be announced at a later date.

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