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First Lady "Removes" Power in You Billboard Labels to Reveal Website

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October 12, 2005

Salt Lake City, Utah * First Lady Mary Kaye Huntsman revealed the meaning behind the thought provoking Power in You billboards yesterday, by "removing" the labels to reveal the website,, which also went live yesterday.

"Today was the unveiling of our youth-created, youth-motivated, campaign to 'remove the labels,' and help teens realize they are more than the negative words often imposed on them, not only by society, but by themselves," said First Lady Huntsman.

The eye catching words for the billboard campaign were suggested by teens. "Loser, Failure, Delinquent, Worthless, etc." are words they (as well as adults) hear and feel on a daily basis. These are the "labels" that the First Lady urges be "removed."

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