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Salt Lake City - Governor Jon Huntsman declared October Energy Awareness Month, as part of his ongoing effort to encourage more Utahns to be energy conscious and adopt energy efficiency and conservation measures. Utah joins the federal government and other states across the country to bring attention to the importance of using energy wisely at home and at the office, highlighting the theme of Energy Independence Depends on US - Choose Wisely, Use Wisely.

"We all must do our part at every opportunity to make our lives more energy efficient in our homes, our cars and where we work," Governor Huntsman said. "Changing a light bulb is just the beginning of changing our energy use habits."

Governor Huntsman's Energy Awareness declaration encourages Utahns to become more energy conscious and energy efficient. Utah has committed to increasing energy efficiency 20 percent by 2015, and education and awareness will play a critical role in reaching this goal. The Governor's Office is partnering with Utah Clean Energy, a local non-profit, to promote a number of activities during Energy Awareness month.

"Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies are vital to helping the Nation become more energy independent, and Utah can play a key role in that initiative," said Dr. Laura Nelson, the Governor's Energy Advisor. "We encourage all Utahns to take simple steps to be more energy efficient, which will save money on energy bills, improve our environment, and reduce our dependence on finite fossil fuels."

Many simple energy efficiency measures can yield great results. An extensive list of simple energy efficiency steps can be found at or

Additional contact information:
Laura Nelson, Energy Advisor, 801-538-8802
Sarah Wright, Utah Clean Energy, 801-363-4046

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