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Salt Lake City, Utah - Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., hopes a memo that is designed to lower state fuel costs will also help the general public. "All drivers can benefit from the recommendations," said Governor Huntsman. "Certainly, this is not a mandate but rather should be viewed as a way to help ease the sting of the current high gas prices." The memo, written by State Energy Director Dr. Laura Nelson, provides fuel savings tips to those who drive state vehicles.


  1. Keep tires properly inflated to reduce the resistance of your tires on the road.
  2. Use removable roof racks to reduce wind resistance.
  3. Only use A/C when outside temperature is over 90 Fahrenheit.
  4. Use vehicle cruise control where possible.
  5. Get a tune-up. A tune-up can save as much as 10% or more on fuel.
  6. Avoid warming up or idling your car. Most car engines tend to warm up faster when they are moving. For older cars some warm up may be required but 30 seconds should be sufficient.
  7. Combine errands to avoid repetitive cold starts and to avoid retracing your distances
  8. Use public transportation or ride share.
  9. Consider alternatives such as telecommuting, flexible schedules, web meetings and teleconferencing.
  10. Reassess your vehicle needs (ie) do you really need an SUV or will a sedan suffice?
  11. Don't drive aggressively because speeding, rapid acceleration, and excessive braking all make your car less fuel efficient and increases wear and tear on your car.
  12. Avoid driving during heavy traffic hours which require too many stops and accelerations.
  13. Buy low-octane gas which is cheaper and shouldn't harm your car's engine. Of course, you should consult your owner's manual.
  14. Shop around for the lowest gas prices.
  15. Consider alternative fueled vehicles or hybrid models.
  16. Travel at the posted speed limit. Speeds over 60 mph increase the amount of fuel your car uses. Minding speed limits can save you money on fuel costs and tickets!
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