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Governor Signs Bills

Feb. 18, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following bills this week:
S.B. 4    Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base Budget    - Sen. Stevenson, J.
S.B. 5    Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Base Budget        - Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 6    Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget        - Sen. Adams, J.S.
S.B. 7    National Guard, Veteran's Affairs, and Legislature Base Budget    - Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 8    Social Services Base Budget    - Sen. Christensen, A.
H.B. 1    Public Education Base Budget Amendments    - Rep. Newbold, M.
H.B. 4    Higher Education Base Budget    - Rep. Morley, M.
H.B. 5    Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Base Budget - Rep. Mathis, J.
H.B. 6    Retirement and Independent Entities Base Budget - Rep. Ipson, D.
H.B. 31    Taxes and Fees on Emergency Medical Aircraft - Rep. Painter, P.
H.B. 42    Permanent Community Impact Fund Board Grants - Rep. Painter, P.
S.B. 129 Unemployment Insurance Modifications - Sen. Bramble, C.
H.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution Designating February 18, 2012 Congressional Gold Medal Day for Certain Veterans - Rep. Oda, C.

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