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Camp Williams, Utah - Utah Law Enforcement officials have conducted background checks on all adult Hurricane Katrina guests at Camp Williams. These routine background checks were conducted to ensure the safety of each evacuee, members of the surrounding community, volunteers and law enforcement personnel.


Law enforcement cannot discuss criminal histories. Misuse of criminal history information is a class B misdemeanor under Utah law. Guests on the base have displayed exemplary behavior and been cooperative with volunteers and law enforcement. No major crimes or incidents have been reported at Camp Williams since the arrival of our guests. None of the guests at Camp Williams have criminal records that would justify booking them into jail.


Public Safety Commissioner Robert Flowers involved Salt Lake County and Utah County Sheriff's offices in the security procedures for Camp Williams. Per standard law enforcement procedures, criminal history information for any individual is available upon request to any local law enforcement agency.


"Law enforcement officers have worked diligently to provide proper security since the arrival of Hurricane Katrina guests in Utah," Flowers said. "I have the highest confidence in the safety and security of our guests, volunteers and surrounding communities."


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