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Katrina Relief Hotline no Longer Taking Offers for Assistance

News Release
September 06, 2005

Camp Williams, Utah - Beginning this afternoon at 3 p.m., the Katrina Relief Hotline, 1-866-873-2437, will stop accepting offers for assistance for evacuees located at Camp Williams. As of this afternoon, the hotline has received close to 7,000 calls. Thanks to the high number of calls, officials believe there is an ample supply of resources to meet the needs of the evacuees. The line could reopen, should the need arise.

All of the phone calls and assistance offers have been entered into a database. That information is being provided to volunteer agencies that will then contact callers if their services are needed.

As evacuees have arrived, officials have been able to more accurately determine their needs. Many of the offers for help may not be needed or may take several days to be called upon. At this time, officials ask that people do not call the hotline again to find out if their offers for help will be used.

The hotline has had many different kinds of offers for help, ranging from free music lessons to teddy bears. The most common calls include offers from people wishing to volunteer time, housing, clothing, baby items, toys and offers from skilled professionals in a variety of professions.

While the hotline is no longer taking calls for donated time and resources, financial contributions for the relief effort in Utah can be made to the United Ways of Utah by calling (801) 736-8929 or online at

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