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Media Requests to Camp Williams

News Release
September 05, 2005

CAMP WILLIAMS, UTAH-Due to interest in the sheltering of Hurricane Katrina evacuees, we have put the following media ground rules in place:

- All media requests for access to Camp Williams for evacuee-related coverage must be made through the Joint Information Center (JIC).

- Media who have made prior coordination for access to Camp Williams will report to the JIC and will be escorted from there. Do not report directly to the main gate. A portable electronic roadway sign will direct media towards the JIC; located due west of the main gate.

- Due to the limited number of media escorts available from the JIC, hours for media will be 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment on weekends.

- There will be a daily media update at the JIC at 3 p.m.

- Media desiring access during times outside the above guidelines will need to coordinate their request through the JIC.

- Media arriving at Camp Williams' main gate without prior coordination with the JIC will not be allowed access.

- Once on Camp Williams with an assigned escort, media may access most areas on base except for the Readiness Center (Red Cross Shelter) and barracks area.

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