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Governor Huntsman to Tour the Uintah Basin

News Advisory
July 06, 2005

  • Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.
  • Lt. Governor Gary Herbert
  • Senator Beverly Evans
  • Representative John Mathis
  • Members of Governor's Staff
WHAT: The Governor will tour the Uintah Basin with members of his administration as well as local Representatives and Senators

WHEN: Friday, July 8th and Saturday, July 9th, 2005

Friday, July 8th

9:00 a.m.*Strawberry Reservoir, briefing at Fish Ladders on Central Utah Project
10:00 a.m.*Uintah Machine in Duchesne
11:00 a.m.*Newfield Field Office, briefing on oil production in Uintah Basin (manager will be on bus briefing Governor as they drive, media can follow)
12:30 p.m.*Business and Community leaders lunch at Cross Roads Center (specific count on meals, media responsible for own meals)
1:50 p.m.*Media interviews with Uintah Basin Standard and KNEU Radio
2:40 p.m.*Asphalt Ridge County Pit and Crown Energy Facility, briefing on Asphalt Ridge oil sands potential
3:55 p.m.*UBATC, briefing on proposed UCAT building (room limited)
4:45 p.m.*Media interviews with Vernal Express, KVEL and VTV
5:10 p.m.*Colton Pavilion (city park), community supper with business and community leaders (specific count on meals, media responsible for own meals)
7:10 p.m.*Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo (media needs to buy tickets to attend)

Saturday, July 9th

7:00 a.m.*Ranch Restaurant Breakfast with local business owners (media responsible for own meals)
9:00 a.m.*Questar visit at Red Wash Office, briefing on gas industry
10:15 a.m.*White River Oil Shale Mine (UA-UB Tract), overview from BLM on oil shale and other energy activity in Vernal Field Office
11:30 a.m.*Oil Tech visit and demo, Oil Shale R & D retort
12:30 p.m.*American Gilsonite-Bonanza, box lunch and overview of gilsonite mining (specific count on meals, media responsible for own meals)
1:30 p.m.*Travel across oil field roads to Ouray area and visit a drilling rig

NOTE: Media will not be able to ride with the Governor on the bus, but is greatly encouraged to follow behind and make all stops. If interested, Gayle McKeachnie and Lynn Stevens will help with the coordination of an exclusive media tour of the Uintah Basin (the Governor will not attend).

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