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Governor Issues Web Site Policy

Salt Lake City - Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has approved the following policy regarding publishing information on the Web site in languages other than English.

In compliance with Utah Code § 63-13-1.5, information published on Utah's Official Web site will appear only in English with the following exceptions as outlined in the law:

  • Information necessary to promote health and public safety issues;
  • Information pertaining to tourism and economic development;
  • Information regarding the teaching of English as a second language;
  • Information that, under federal law, must be made available in languages other than English. links are being updated to comply with Utah law.

"It is important for us to exercise due diligence in adhering to the law and we have done that with this issue," said Mike Mower, Governor's spokesman. "We are comfortable with the information we are publishing now that a thorough legal review has been completed."

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