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Governor applauds cement accord with Mexico

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January 20, 2006

Huntsman encouraged by Department of Commerce agreement

Salt Lake City, Utah - Gov. Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. commended the Department of Commerce decision to end a 16-year impasse with Mexico regarding cement trade, opening the U.S. market back up to cement from south of the border.

"This agreement to resolve our long-standing impasse with Mexico is vitally important," Huntsman said. "Cement shortages have slowed construction projects statewide in both the commercial and residential sectors. This is an imperative need to our state, one of the fastest growing in the country."

The tentative agreement announced Thursday will significantly decrease the antidumping duty placed on Mexican cement and nearly double the amount allowed into the United States.

The cement shortage has been plaguing the whole country. While he was in Washington, D.C. in November, Gov. Huntsman urged Department of Commerce Secretary Carlos Guiterrez and Under Secretary for International Trade Frank Lavin to address the Mexican impasse to help alleviate the cement shortage.

"This is an important move," Huntsman said. "This is an issue everywhere: in the Gulf, where they're rebuilding and here in the west, where we're growing."

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