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Governor Huntsman Signs the Following Bills

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May 03, 2005

  • Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.
What: Governor Huntsman today signed the following bills from the April Special Session of the Utah Legislature:
  • HB 1002, Provider Contracting Amendments Sponsor: Representative Rebecca Lockhart
  • HB 1003, Civil Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence Sponsor: Representative Ross Romero
  • HB 1005, Integrity of Election Results Amendments Sponsor: Representative John Dougall
  • HB 1006, Changes in Task Force Membership Sponsor: Representative Jeff Alexander
  • HB 1007, Veterans Nursing Home Authorization and Funding Sponsor: Representative Gregg Buxton
  • HB 1009, Executive Compensation Sponsor: Representative Jeff Alexander
  • HB 1010, Uses of Money in Municipal-type Services Fund Sponsor: Representative Mark Walker
  • HB 1011, Funding for Convention Facilities Sponsor: Representative David Clark
  • SB 1001, Amendments to Property Tax Public Notice and Hearing Provisions Sponsor: Senator Curtis Bramble
  • SB 1002, Funding for Tourism Sponsor: Senator Scott Jenkins
  • SB 1003, Property Tax * County Service Areas Sponsor: Senator Michael Waddoups
  • SB 1004, Drug Offender Reform Act * Pilot Program Sponsor: Senator Sheldon Killpack

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