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2005 Flood and Spring Runoff Preparedness Campaign

News Advisory
April 18, 2005

  • Governor Huntsman
  • Weather anchors from KSL, KSTU, KTVX, KUTV
  • National Weather Service official * Larry Dunn, Ph.D.
  • Representative from the State Water Resources
WHAT: News Conference to discuss flood and spring runoff awareness campaign

WHEN: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 1:00 p.m.

WHERE: NWS office * 2242 West North Temple

WHY: The snow pack throughout Utah is above normal. In the southern half of the state, it is more than double the average in some areas. The beginning of the peak runoff season is just a couple of weeks away. There is a high threat of flooding.

The purpose of the awareness campaign is:
  • To make people aware that they may be in an area of potential flooding, what to do, who to contact, what to watch for
  • Educate people on the do's and don'ts of spring runoff and flood safety.

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