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Governor Herbert Signs 48 Bills

Mar. 27, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY - Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

HB10, Oda - "Court Fees for Inmates"
HB11, Wiley - "Licensing of Elevator Contractors and Elevator Mechanics"
HB16, Fowlke - "Parent-time Amendments"
HB20, Dunnigan - "Amendments to Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts"
HB29, Black - "School District Division Amendments"
HB38, Ray - "Scheduling of Controlled Substances"
HB45, Morley - "State Construction Code Adoption"
HB49, Kiser - "Amendments Related to a Tax, Fee, or Charge Administered by the State Tax Commission"
HB50, Harper- "Sales and Use Tax Modifications"
HB59, Grover - "Campaign Finance Revisions"
HB70, Draxler - "Retrofit Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles Amendments"
HB74, Allen - "Adoption and Child Custody Amendments"
HB75, Froerer - "Assessment Area Amendments"
HB86, Lockhart - "Department of Human Services - Review and Oversight"
HB89, Morley - "License for Controlled Substances Amendments"
HB107, Seelig - "Animal Shelter Amendments"
HB108, Mathis - "Meat Inspection Amendments"
HB114, Wimmer - "Disclosure of Donations to Higher Education Institutions"
HB116, Hunsaker - "Political Subdivision Facility Energy Efficiency"
HB118, Harper - "Economic Development Incentives Modifications"
HB124, Cosgrove - "Campaign Funds Expenditure Restrictions"
HB133, Fowlke - "Release of Court Documents and Child Interviews"
HB138, Moss - "Hazing Penalties"
HB140, Dee - "Human Resource Management Amendments"
HB143, Herrod - "Eminent Domain Authority"
HB234, Sandstrom - "Opting Out of the Real Id Act"
HB324, Sumsion - "Public Lands Litigation"

SB18, Knudson - "Election Modifications"
SB23, Valentine - "Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Amendments"
SB25, Van Tassell - "State Highway System Modifications"
SB26, Urquhart - "Utah E-commerce Integrity Act"
SB28, Adams - "Amendments to Individual Income Tax Return Filing Requirements"
SB61, Stephenson - "Sales and Use Tax Exemption for a Web Search Portal"
SB66, Madsen - "Public School Extracurricular Activities for Home School and Private School Students"
SB69, Hinkins - "College of Eastern Utah Affiliation with Utah State University"
SB82, Christensen- "Passenger Ropeway Systems Act Amendments"
SB88, Bramble - "Pharmacy Practice Act Amendments"
SB90, Hillyard - "Mental Health Professional Practice Act Amendments"
SB91, Liljenquist- "Prosecutor Appeals"
SB100, Bramble - "Income Tax Credit or Refund Amendments"
SB105, Urquhart - "Motor Vehicle Accident Arbitration Amendments"
SB110, Dayton - "Revisor's Statute"
SB111, Hillyard - "Repeal of Severance Tax Holding Account"
SB114, Stowell - "Motor Vehicle Accident Reports"
SB119, Stephenson - "Special Elections Modifications"
SB120, Hinkins - "Disarming a Peace Officer Amendment"
SB121, Valentine - "Utah Uniform Probate Code Amendments"
SB275, Stephenson - "Removing Signature from Initiative and Referendum Petition"

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