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Governor Herbert Signs 43 Bills

Mar. 25, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY - Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

House Bills
HB0042, Menlove - "School District Employees - Career Status Requirements"
HB0053, Wilcox - "Foreclosure Rescue and Loan Modification Amendments"
HB0117, Brown - "Public Education Capital Outlay Act"
HB0120, McIff - "Underground Storage Tank Amendments"
HB0121, Hughes - "Emergency Medical Services Act Transport Amendments"
HB0257, Newbold - "Dietitian Certification Act Amendments"
HB0285, Mathis - "Practice of Veterinary Medicine"
HB0378, Kiser - "Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements"
HB0431, Morley - "Identity Verification by Department of Commerce"
HB0450, Cosgrove - "Fishing License Amendments - Disabled Veterans"
HCR004, Hughes - "Veterans Freedom Memorial Concurrent Resolution"

Senate Bills
SB0123, Hillyard - "Motion Picture Incentive Fund Amendments"
SB0152, Knudson - "Utah State Railroad Museum Authority Act"
SB0154, Adams - "Postconviction Remedies Act Amendments"
SB0156, Urquhart - "Antitrust Act Amendments"
SB0165, Niederhauser - "Allocation and Apportionment of Income and Deduction of a Net Loss"
SB0169, Hinkins - "Navajo Revitalization Fund Amendments"
SB0170, Hillyard - "Suspension of Driving Privileges"
SB0171, Liljenquist - "Higher Education Retirement Amendments"
SB0172, Bramble - "Local District Taxing Authority Amendments"
SB0175, McAdams - "School District Capital Outlay Equalization Amendments"
SB0178, Stowell - "Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act Amendments"
SB0188, Stephenson - "Charter School Amendments"
SB0189, Bramble - "Capital Facilities Amendments"
SB0198, Valentine - "Economic Development Incentive Amendments"
SB0204, McAdams - "Midterm Vacancy Amendments"
SB0209, Knudson - "Humanitarian Service and Educational and Cultural Exchange Support
Special Group License Plate"
SB0212, Greiner - "Pawn Shop Amendments"
SB0215, Niederhauser - "Highway Project Funding - Salt Lake County"
SB0216, McAdams - "Absentee Voting by Military Personnel Amendments"
SB0218, Waddoups - "Engine Coolant Bittering Agent Act"
SB0222, Goodfellow - "Fee Exemptions"
SB0225, Hillyard - "Motor Vehicle Insurance - Named Driver Exclusion"
SB0227, Bramble - "Interlocal Energy Amendments"
SB0231, Buttars - "Medical Benefits Under Workers' Compensation"
SB0232, Jenkins - "Judicial Administration Amendments"
SB0237, Hinkins - "Transition for Repealed Navajo Trust Fund Act Amendments"
SB0250, Stephenson - "Political Party Bylaws - United States Senators"
SB0252, Stowell - "Bail Bond Act Amendments"
SB0273, Hillyard - "Hospital Assessments"
SB0274, Bramble - "Online Pharmacy Amendments"
SB0280, Hillyard - "2010 General Obligation Bond Authorization"
SB0282, Bramble - "Capital Facilities Appropriations"

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