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Governor Herbert Signs 78 Bills

Mar. 23, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY - Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

HB5, Clark - "Revenue Bond and Capitol Facilities Authorizations"
HB13, Beck - "Drug Law Definitions - Amendments
HB15, Dunnigan - "Deffered Deposit Lending Amendments"
HB17, Mascaro - "Amendments to Programs for People with Disabilities"
HB24, Wallis - "Economic Development Incentives Act Amendments"
HB26, Kiser - "Brine Shrimp Royalty Act Amendments"
HB30, Beck - "Drug Law Amendments"
HB33, Noel - "Groundwater Recharge and Recovery Act Amendments"
HB34, Noel - "Water Storage Projects"
HB36, Daw - "Controlled Substance Database - Reporting Convictions for Driving Under the Influence or Impaired Driving"
HB47, Hutchings - "Board of Pardons and Parole Technical Amendments"
HB55, Fisher - "Department of Community and Culture Grants Amendments"
HB58, Barrus - "Utah Generated Renewable Energy Electricity Network Authority Board Amendments"
HB60, Hunsaker - "Water Conveyance Facilities Safety Act"
HB88, Menlove - "Electronic Cigarette Restrictions"
HB92, Daw - "Moist Snuff Taxation Revisions"
HB94, Hunsaker - "Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act Amendments for Towns, Cities, and Counties Amendments"
HB96, Fisher - "Libel Amendments"
HB155, Mathis - "Agricultural Advisory Board and Livestock Related Policy"
HB192, Watkins - "Renewable Energy - Methane Gas"
HB209, Watkins, - "Sex Offender Regulation Amendments"
HB211, Powell - "Improvement District Board Membership"
HB216, Froerer - "Incorporation of a Town Amendments"
HB222, Beck - "Land Use Meeting Notice"
HB226, Painter - "Well Driller's License - Pump Installation"
HB228, Barrus - "Renewable Energy Source Amendments"
HB230, Fisher - "Human Trafficking Amendments"
HB232, Chavez-Houck - "Medical Language Interpreter Amendments"
HB250, Herrod - "Criminal Penalties Amendments - Leaving the Scene of an Accident"
HB254, Daw - "Voter Identification Amendments"
HB258, Sumsion - "Voting Precinct Boundaries"
HB259, Harper - "Property Tax Amendments"
HB269, Aagard - "Solemnizing Marriages Amendment"
HB287, Litvack - "Legislator Salary Amendments"
HB289, Oda - "Judicial Nominating Commission Amendments"
HB295, Sumsion - "Expanded Uses of School District Property Tax Revenue"
HB299, Menlove - "Amendments Related to Substances Harmful to Pregnancy"
HB310,  Bigelow - "Spending Limits Amendments"
HB315, Powell - "Utah Public Notice Website Amendments"
HB327, Edwards - "Autism Awareness Support Special Group License Plate"
HB340, Biskupski - "Sexual Assault Victim Protocols"
HB343, Ferry - "Great Salt Lake Advisory Council"
HB349, Harper - "Sales and Use Tax Amendments"
HB364, Fisher - "Right of Identity Theft Victim to Civil Cause of Action"
HB365, Aagard - "Department of Corrections Registry Amendments"
HB379, Newbold - "Barber, Cosmetologist/barber, Esthetician, Electrologist, andNail Technician Licensing Act Amendments"
HB425, Bigelow - "Budgetary Procedures Act - Fee Amendments"
HB435, Ipson - "Dixie State College - Nonprofit Entities"
HB440, Bigelow - "Veterans' Nursing Home Reimbursement Restricted Account"
HB459, Clark - "Health Amendments"
HCR2, Fisher - "Concurrent Resolution on States' Rights"
HCR7, Aagard - "Credit Scores Concurrent Resolution"
HCR16, Morley - "Statue of Responsibility Monument Concurrent Resolution"

SB14, Madsen - "Building and Construction Projects - Technical Corrections"
SB19, Goodfellow - "Vehicle Safety Flags on Off-highway Vehicles"
SB20, Stowell - "Local District Amendments"
SB21, Buttars - "Amendments to Social Worker Licensing"
SB24, Stowell - "Land Exchange Distribution Account Amendments"
SB38, Morgan - "Restrictions on High Occupancy Vehicle Lane"
SB31, Stephenson - "Administrative Rules Reauthorization"
SB50, Adams - "Victims' Rights Revisions"
SB53, Knudson - "Voter Challenge Revisions"
SB57, Stowell - "Local School Board Budget Procedures"
SB58, Adams - "Transportation Expenses for Defendants"
SB70, Urquhart - "Motor Vehicle Liability Amendments - Minor Drivers"
SB71, Romero - "Small Business Access to Justice Act"
SB73, Bramble - "Sales and Use Tax Exemption Relating to Aircraft"
SB79, Valentine - "Fraudulent Transfer Amendments"
SB89, Urquhart - "Legal Notice Amendments"
SB102, Goodfellow - "Restricting the Movement of a Motor Vehicle"
SB117, Robles - "Pete Suazo Memorial Highway"
SB118, Hillyard - "Uniform Probate Code Amendments"
SB127, Stephenson - "Public Assistance Fraud Amendments"
SB142, Stephenson - "Driver License Amendments"
SB143, Liljenquist - "Grand Jury Amendments"
SB145, Adams - "Medical Malpractice Amendments"
SB210, Buttars - "Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission Amendments"
SB219, Greiner - "Criminal Nuisance Amendment"

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