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Governor Huntsman Signed the Following Bills and Resolutions Today

Immediate Release
March 22, 2005

WHO: Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.

WHAT: Governor Huntsman signed the following bills and resolutions:

  • HB 25, Direct - Entry Midwife Act Sponsor: Representative Jackie Biskupski
  • HB 89, Presumption of Responsibility for Abuse or Neglect Sponsor: Representative LaVar Christensen
  • HB 136, Charter School Enrollment Sponsor: Representative James A. Ferrin
  • HB 234, Telephone Surcharge for Education and Training Programs at Prison Sponsor: Representative Brent H. Goodfellow
  • HB 301, Supplemental Appropriations III Sponsor: Representative Ron Bigelow
  • HB 338, Child and Family Welfare Revisions Sponsor: Representative LaVar Christensen
  • HCR 3, Resolution Regarding Washington County Waste Facility Sponsor: Representative Bradley G. Last
  • SB 1, Supplemental Appropriations Act Sponsor: Senator Lyle W. Hillyard
  • SB 52, Price Controls During Emergencies Sponsor: Senator Patrice M. Arent
  • SB 71, Security Personnel Licensing Amendments Sponsor: Senator Gene Davis
  • SB 110, Medical Device Notification and Liability Sponsor: Senator D. Chris Buttars
  • SCR 2, Resolution Approving Class V Landfill Sponsor: Senator Ron Allen
  • SCR 8, Concurrent Resolution Approving Class V Landfill Sponsor: Senator Mike Dmitrich

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