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Governor acts on remaining legislation

Final 11 bills signed; vetoed: three bills and four line items

Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. signed the following bills today:

Senate Bills:


SB 5, Amendments to the Minimum School Program Budget; Sen. Howard Stephenson
SB 112, Centers of Excellence Amendments; Sen. Thomas Hatch
SB 113, Governmental Immunity Limits; Sen. Howard Stephenson
SB 117, Eminent Domain Amendments; Sen. Howard Stephenson
SB 196, Revisions to Redevelopment Agency Provisions; Sen. Curtis Bramble


House Bills:


HB 1, Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriation; Rep. Ron Bigelow
HB 4, State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Amendments; Rep. Ron Bigelow
HB 39, Utah International Trade Commission; Rep. Sheryl Allen
HB 55, Property Tax - Circuit Breaker Qualifying Limits; Rep. Wayne Harper
HB 172, Local Land Use Provisions Relating to Schools; Rep. James Ferrin
HB 250, Local Governments Restrictions on Limiting Certain Fees; Rep. Gregory Hughes


The Governor vetoed the following line items for technical corrections today:


Item 163 in SB 4, New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations; Sen. Lyle Hillyard
Items 15, 133 and 134 in HB 3, Appropriation Adjustments; Rep. Ron Bigelow


The Governor vetoed the following bills today:


HB 100, Environmental Litigation Bond; Rep. Aaron Tilton
HB 148, Parent and Child Amendments; Rep. LaVar Christensen
HB 151, Adjustments in Funding for Concurrent Enrollment; Rep. Margaret Dayton


Please see the attached letters to Senate President John Valentine and Speaker of the House Greg Curtis.

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