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Governor Huntsman Signed the Following Bills in St. George Today

Immediate Release
March 17, 2005

WHO: Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.

WHAT: Governor Huntsman traveled to St. George and signed the following bills and resolutions today:

Sponsor: Representative David Clark
  • HB 29, State Engineer's Powers and Duties Amendments
  • HB 109, Information Technology Governance Amendments
  • HB 116, Private Activity Bond Amendments
  • HB 217, Public Safety Retirement * Exemption of Certain Employees
  • HB 255, Investment of Higher Education Institution Endowment Funds
  • HB 349, Money Management Act Amendments
Sponsor: Representative Stephen H. Urquhart
  • HB 43, School Land Trust Program Funding Amendments
  • HB 47, New Automobile Franchise Act Amendments
  • HB 104, Spyware Control Act Revisions
  • HB 235, Insurance Arbitration Amendments
Sponsor: Representative Bradley G. Last
  • HB 124, Enrollment Growth Program Amendments
  • HB 324, Taxable Value Adjustment for Property Damaged by a Natural Disaster
Sponsor: Senator Thomas Hatch
  • SB 40, Regulation of Title Insurance Industry
  • SB 93, Children's Justice Center Addition
  • SB 103, Liens on Aircraft
  • SB 107, Licensure and Regulation of Programs and Facilities
  • SB 120, Allocation of Profits from School and Institutional Trust Lands
  • HB 156, Dairy Promotion Act Amendments (Sponsor: Representative David Ure, Senate Sponsor: Senator Thomas Hatch)

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