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Governor to Sign Bill to Protect Children

Signing ceremony set for West Haven

Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.
Sen. Scott Jenkins
Rep. Paul Ray
Rep. Kerry Gibson

Governor will sign bill at 2:30 p.m. at West Haven City Hall, 2440 S. 2050 W.

Bills will include:

  • HB 26, Filing Liens
  • HB 74, Athletic Trainer Licensing Act
  • HB 85, Abortion by a Minor
  • HB 161, Sexual Offenses Against Children
  • HB 221, Ambulance and Paramedic Fee Amendments
  • HB 223, Trespass Law Amendments
  • HB 242, Motorboat Liability Insurance Amendments
  • HB 293, Transportation, Oversize and Overweight Permit
  • HB 296, Governor's Budget * Wage and Benefit Increases to be Considered for Soil Conservation District
  • HB 383, Vehicles Used for Agricultural Purposes HCR 4, Resolution Supporting Utah Highway Patrol Use of White Crosses as Roadside Memorials
  • SB 161, Mechanics' Lien and Payment Amendments
  • SB 229, Civil Service Commissions The bills listed are not totally inclusive of what will be addressed during these signing sessions and are subject to change.

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