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Governor Signs 35 Bills

WHO: Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

WHAT: The Governor signed the following bills last night and today:

Senate Bills:

  • SB 20, State Highway Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Carlene Walker
  • SB 22, Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Certain Governmental Entities and Entities within the State Systems of Public and Higher Education; Sponsor Sen. Howard Stephenson
  • SB 30, Creation of a New School District Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Carlene Walker
  • SB 31, Sunset Review and Reauthorizations; Sponsor Sen. Curtis Bramble
  • SB 33, Special Group License Plate - Gold Star Family; Sponsor Sen. Carlene Walker
  • SB 50, Drug Offenders Reform Act; Sponsor Sen. Chris Buttars
  • SB 64, Tourism, Recreation, Cultural and Convention Facilities Tax - Advisory Board; Sponsor Sen. Michael Waddoups
  • SB 73, New Utah License Plate Design; Sponsor Sen. Dan Eastman
  • SB 87, Homeowners Association Requirements; Sponsor Sen. Bill Hickman
  • SB 96, Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Disposable Home Medical Equipment or Supplies; Sponsor Sen. Sheldon Killpack
  • SB 122, Administrative Rules Reauthorization; Sponsor Sen. Howard Stephenson
  • SB 173, Criminal Intent Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Scott McCoy
  • SB 203, Disclosure of Property Tax Information; Sponsor Sen. Howard Stephenson
  • SB 204, Human Remains Related Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Darin Peterson
  • SB 234, Occupational and Environmental Health Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Ed Mayne
  • SB 260, Property Tax - Definition of Goodwill; Sponsor Sen. Wayne Niederhauser

House Bills:

  • HB 40, Fuel Tax Bonding Requirements; Sponsor Rep. Wayne Harper
  • HB 42, Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Authorized Carriers; Sponsor Rep. Wayne Harper
  • HB 51, Adoption Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Sheryl Allen
  • HB 69, County and Municipal Land Use Provisions Regarding Schools; Sponsor Rep. Larry Wiley
  • HB 71, Ballot Form Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Christine Johnson
  • HB 117, Transfer of Density; Sponsor Rep. Gage Froerer
  • HB 137, Pain Medication Management and Education; Sponsor Rep. Brad Daw
  • HB 158, Amendments to Transportation Provisions; Sponsor Rep. Wayne Harper
  • HB 226, Sales and Use Tax - Highways and Public Transportation Amendments; Sponsor Rep. John Dougall
  • HB 247, Special Service District Authority to Provide Jail Facilities; Sponsor Rep. John Mathis
  • HB 257, Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Glenn Donnelson
  • HB 302, Medical Examiner - Testing for Substances in Cases of Suspected Suicide; Sponsor Rep. Wayne Harper
  • HB 314, Transportation Funding Revisions; Sponsor Rep. Rebecca Lockhart
  • HB 337, Local Government Post-Employment Benefit Trust Funds Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Keith Grover
  • HB 358, Cervical Cancer Prevention; Sponsor Rep. Karen Morgan
  • HB 419, Cosmetologist/Barber, Esthetician, Electrologist, and Nail Technician Licensing Act Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Stephen Clark
  • HB 427, Nonresident Sales of Motor Homes; Sponsor Rep. LaWanna Lou Shurtliff
  • HB 462, County Personnel Management Act; Sponsor Rep. David Litvack
  • HB 466, Incorporation of a Town Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Melvin Brown

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