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Governor Huntsman Names New Fine Arts Director

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January 10, 2005
Salt Lake City, Utah - Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., today announced the nomination of Margaret Hunt as Director of the Division of Fine Arts. The Division of Fine Arts oversees organizations including the Utah Arts Council.

"Utah looks to enhance its arts education, recognition and promotion efforts," says Governor Huntsman. "Margaret Hunt has the experience and the ability to significantly and appropriately raise the awareness of the arts in our state."

Since 1988, Hunt has been active in the arts community. She oversaw a number of departments for Salt Lake City government in 2002, including the Salt Lake Arts Council and assisted with preparing and promoting A Vision for Arts & Culture published in 1998. She is also an accomplished visual artist.

Hunt will work closely with Sylvia Haro, the recently named Executive Director of the proposed Department of Community and the Arts. "The arts present a great opportunity to add value to all sectors of our community," says Haro. "Hunt also has management expertise in the private sector with Pacificorp, and in the public sector with Salt Lake City," Haro concluded.

"Just as the powers of observation inform artistic pursuits," says Hunt, "I intend to learn and listen to those interested and passionate about the arts in Utah and to explore opportunities to enhance and expand the arts state-wide."

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