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Governor Signs 32 Bills, 1 Resolution

WHO: Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

WHAT: The Governor signed the following bills last night and today:

Senate Bills:

  • SB 7, Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Lyle Hillyard
  • SB 32, Filings of Administrative Rules, Orders, and Regulations; Sponsor Sen. Howard Stephenson
  • SB 46, Health Care Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Peter Knudson
  • SB 94, Use of Mineral Lease Funds by Special Service Districts; Sponsor Sen. Mike Dmitrich
  • SB 104, Office of Recovery Services Fee; Sponsor Sen. Allen Christensen
  • SB 163, Amendments to Municipal and County Land Use; Sponsor Sen. Dennis Stowell
  • SB 189, Medicaid Home and Community-Based Long-Term Care; Sponsor Sen. Gene Davis
  • SB 247, Retirement Systems Membership Exclusions; Sponsor Sen. Mike Dmitrich
  • SCR 7, Concurrent Resolution Approving Settlement of Lawsuit; Sponsor Sen. Curtis Bramble

House Bills:

  • HB 23, Employment Security Act Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Steven Mascaro
  • HB 29, Professional Employer Organization Related Amendments; Sponsor Rep. James Dunnigan
  • HB 47, Pilot Program for Family Preservation Services; Sponsor Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove
  • HB 54, Occupational and Professional Licensure Review Committee; Sponsor Rep. Michael Morley
  • HB 76, Public Safety Dispatcher Compensation; Sponsor Rep. Demar Bud Bowman
  • HB 130, Funeral Services Licensing Act Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Kay McIff
  • HB 135, Utah Uniform Building Standards Act Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Larry Wiley
  • HB 200, Standardizing Documents Filed with County Recorder; Sponsor Rep. Craig Frank
  • HB 210, County Sheriff Qualification Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Brad Dee
  • HB 211, Background Checks for Division of Services for People with Disabilities; Sponsor Rep. Rebecca Lockhart
  • HB 221, Timing to Commence a Civil Action by the Department of Environmental Quality; Sponsor Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove
  • HB 270, Amendments to Extradition Statute; Sponsor Rep. Scott Wyatt
  • HB 275, Offense Against Peace Officers; Sponsor Rep. Curtis Oda
  • HB 276, Health Facility Committee Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Christopher Herrod
  • HB 285, Land Use Development Management Act Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Aaron Tilton
  • HB 286, School Discipline and Conduct Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Eric Hutchings
  • HB 310, Transfer of Student Records; Sponsor Rep. Tim Cosgrove
  • HB 316, Expansion of Career Service to the Office of Attorney General; Sponsor Rep. Rebecca Lockhart
  • HB 374, Integrated Health System Fair Practices Act; Sponsor Rep. Rebecca Lockhart
  • HB 328, Child Protection and Parental Rights Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Wayne Harper
  • HB 349, Accounting Audit Standards; Sponsor Rep. Keith Grover
  • HB 352, Local Government Regulation of Billboards; Sponsor Rep. Melvin Brown
  • HB 426, Change to Department of Veterans’ Affairs; Sponsor Rep. Gregory Hughes
  • HB 473, Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Authorization; Sponsor Rep. D. Gregg Buxton

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