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Governor Signs 33 Bills

WHO: Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

WHAT: The Governor signed the following bills today:

Senate Bills:

  • S.B. 5, Tax Penalty Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Howard Stephenson
  • S.B. 47, Department of Agriculture Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Margaret Dayton
  • S.B. 55, Transfer and Disposition of Protected Property Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Darin G. Peterson
  • S.B. 69, Local Transportation Corridor Preservation Fund Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Sheldon Killpack
  • S.B. 93, Governor's Rural Partnership Board; Sponsor Sen. John Bill Hickman
  • S.B. 106, Motor Vehicle Business Fee Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Lyle Hillyard
  • S.B. 147, Exemptions from Licensure Modifications; Sponsor Sen. Mike Dmitrich
  • S.B. 161, Hunting and Fishing License Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Allen Christensen
  • S.B. 188, Wildlife Resources Conservation Easement Restricted Account; Sponsor Sen. Dennis Stowell
  • S.B. 195, Fish Health Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Darin Peterson
  • S.B. 251, Higher Education- Concealed Firearms Restrictions; Sponsor Sen. Gregory Bell

House Bills:

  • H.B. 4, Organized Retail Theft; Sponsor Rep. Paul Ray
  • H.B. 8, Retirement Office Amendments; Sponsor Rep. David Clark
  • H.B. 18, Child Support Collection Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Julie Fisher
  • H.B. 22, Motor Vehicles Code Revisions; Sponsor Rep. James Dunnigan
  • H.B. 48, Department Of Natural Resources Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Richard Wheeler
  • H.B. 55, Deceptive Trade Practices Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Stephen Clark
  • H.B. 67, Age Amendments for Hunting Big Game; Sponsor Rep. Curtis Oda
  • H.B. 83, Forgery Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Douglas Aagard
  • H.B. 99, Water Loan Program Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Patrick Painter
  • H.B. 102, Land and Water Reinvestment; Sponsor Rep. David Clark
  • H.B. 145, Farmers Market Exemptions; Sponsor Rep. Ronda Menlove
  • H.B. 206, County Jail * Work Release Process Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Scott Wyatt
  • H.B. 245, Child Welfare Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Merlynn Newbold
  • H.B. 262, Search Warrant Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Scott Wyatt
  • H.B. 263, Jail Expenses Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Curtis Oda
  • H.B. 265, Obstructing a Warrant or Order to Show Cause of a Parolee or Probationer; Sponsor Rep. Rebecca Lockhart
  • H.B. 279, Camcorder Piracy of Media; Sponsor Rep. Kevin Garn
  • H.B. 292, Regulation of Direct Pathology Billing; Sponsor Rep. Mark Walker
  • H.B. 309, Scott B. Lundell Tuition Waiver for Military Members' Surviving Dependents; Sponsor Rep. Gregory Hughes
  • H.B. 311, Utah Dairy Act Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Kerry Gibson
  • H.B. 318, Charter School Facilities Financing Act; Sponsor Rep. Stephen Urquhart
  • H.B. 327, State Agency Timely Adoption of Administrative Rules; Sponsor Rep. David Clark

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