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Easy Application for Boards and Commissions

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March 11, 2005
Salt Lake City, Utah - The State of Utah now has an online application process for the more than 350 boards and commissions it oversees. The boards and commissions reflect a broad variety of State functions ranging from air quality to health to wildlife issues. The Governor appoints the majority of members, which are often subject to Senate confirmation.

"The goal of this new application process is to make it easier for candidates to apply to one or several boards. The application will be on hand for consideration when a vacancy arises," said Kevin Knight, Director of Boards and Commissions. "Board membership is an opportunity for citizens of the community to become active participants in the decisions of State government. I hope this new system will be more accommodating of those wishing to serve."

Applying for a board or commission is easy to do. Applicants log on to and fill out a uniform application for all boards. The application will then be electronically filed according to the board of commission selected by the applicant. When vacancies arise within boards and commissions, the electronic applications filed for those specific boards and commissions will be immediately accessible for consideration.

"We are temporary custodians of our positions of responsibilities and with this service will come a strong sense of duty, obligation and integrity," said Governor Huntsman. "I invite all eligible Utahns to get involved in this very unique facet of public service."

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