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Governor Signs 34 Bills

Salt Lake City - Utah Governor Jon Huntsman issued the following statement regarding his signing seventh substitute House Bill 236, Student Clubs Amendments:

"There were prior versions of this bill I would have vetoed. However, this legislation simply codifies items already in the State Board of Education rules and makes clear that it is not targeting any one club or organization," Governor Huntsman said. "House Bill 236, seventh substitute, also ensures that parents will have the right to approve of any school club or organization their child participates in."

Additionally, the Governor signed the following bills:

Senate Bills:

  • SB 113, Limitations of Actions; Sponsor Sen. Gregory S. Bell
  • SB 198, Tourism Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Curtis S. Bramble

House Bills:

  • H.B. 7, State Post-Retirement Benefits Trust Fund; Sponsor Rep. Keith Grover
  • H.B. 36, Income Tax Additions, Subtractions, and Credits for Higher Education Savings; Sponsor Rep. Fred R. Hunsaker
  • H.B. 41, Sales and Use Tax - Common Carriers; Sponsor Rep. Wayne A. Harper
  • H.B. 64, Impact of Administrative Rules on Small Business; Sponsor Rep. Stephen D. Clark
  • H.B. 85, Sentence Reduction Clarification; Sponsor Rep. Scott L. Wyatt
  • H.B. 87, Severance Tax Related Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Gordon E. Snow
  • H.B. 96, Motor Vehicle Dealer Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Patrick Painter
  • H.B. 110, State Fleet Efficiency Requirements; Sponsor Rep. Fred R. Hunsaker
  • H.B. 111, Personal Property - Certified Tax Rate Amendments; Sponsor Rep. John Dougall
  • H.B. 142, Fee in Lieu of Property Tax Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Richard W. Wheeler
  • H.B. 146, County Tax Sales of Property; Sponsor Rep. Michael T. Morley
  • H.B. 194, Tampering With Evidence Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Lorie D. Fowlke
  • H.B. 202, Medical Recommendations for Children; Sponsor Rep. Michael T. Morley
  • H.B. 215, School Reporting Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Karen W. Morgan
  • H.B. 227, Motorboat Liability Insurance Revisions; Sponsor Rep. Kerry W. Gibson
  • H.B. 236, Student Clubs Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Aaron Tilton
  • H.B. 240, Public Education Job Enhancement Program Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove
  • H.B. 241, Appropriation for Terrel H. Bell Program; Sponsor Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove
  • H.B. 244, Repeal of Utah Technology Commission; Sponsor Rep. John Dougall
  • H.B. 253, Allowing State Memorials on State Property; Sponsor Rep. Wayne A. Harper
  • H.B. 293, Centrally Assessed Property; Sponsor Rep. Kay L. McIff
  • H.B. 297, Calculation of Credit for Certain Repossessions of a Motor Vehicle; Sponsor Rep. Wayne A. Harper
  • H.B. 317, Capitol Hill Complex - Legislative Space; Sponsor Rep. Wayne A. Harper
  • H.B. 323, Education Fund Conforming Amendments, Sponsor Rep. Ron Bigelow
  • H.B. 333, Materials Harmful to Minors, Sponsor Rep. Aaron Tilton
  • H.B. 341, Attorney General Crime Violence Prevention Special Revenue Fund; Sponsor Rep. Paul A. Neuenschwander
  • H.B. 356, DNA Exoneration Amendments; Sponsor Rep. David Litvack
  • H.B. 383, Amendments to Transportation Funding Provisions; Sponsor Rep. Rebecca D. Lockhart
  • H.C.R. 1, Concurrent Resolution Approving the Interlocal Agreement Creating the Utah Lake Commission; Sponsor Rep. Stephen D. Clark
  • H.C.R. 2, Concurrent Resolution Supporting Airport Surveillance Radar Acquisition; Sponsor Rep. Stephen E. Sandstrom
  • H.C.R. 4, Resolution Encouraging State Universities' and School Institutional Trust Lands' Efforts in Enhancing State Trust Lands; Sponsor Rep. Eric K. Hutchings
  • H.C.R. 6, Utah Farming Heritage District Resolution; Sponsor Rep. Patrick Painter

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