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Governor Signs 26 Bills, 2 Resolutions

WHO: Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

WHAT: The Governor signed the following bills today:

Senate Bills:

  • SB 16, Lending Registration Acts; Sponsor Sen. Ed Mayne
  • SB 56, Education Employee Association Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Mark Madsen
  • SB 77, Insurable Interest Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Ross Romero
  • SB 83, Acupuncture Licensing Act Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Scott McCoy
  • SB 110, Membership and Service of Utah Commissioners on National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws; Sponsor Sen. Lyle Hillyard
  • SB 133, Local School Board Public Hearing Requirements; Sponsor Sen. Patricia Jones
  • SB 135, Public Employees Disability Benefits Limitations; Sponsor Sen. Lyle Hillyard
  • SB 140, Identity Fraud Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Carlene Walker
  • SB 166, Notary Public Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Ross Romero
  • SB 241, Election Law Modifications; Sponsor Sen. Peter Knudson
  • SB 227, Utah Fire Prevention Board Amendment; Sponsor Sen. Peter Knudson
  • SB 255, Crane Safety Amendments; Sponsor Sen. Gene Davis
  • SCR 1, Resolution Urging Congress to Address Social Security Number Identity Theft; Sponsor Sen. Carlene Walker

House Bills:

  • HB 2, Executive Compensation Revisions; Sponsor Rep. David Clark
  • HB 13, Workers' Compensation Fund * Board Amendments; Sponsor Rep. David Clark
  • HB 14, Election Law Revisions; Sponsor Rep. Douglas Aagard
  • HB 33, Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Vehicles, Boats, Boat Trailers, or Outbound Motors Not Registered in the State; Sponsor Rep. Patrick Painter
  • HB 39, Concealed Weapons Fees Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Curtis Oda
  • HB 63, Initiative and Referendum * Signature Verification Procedures; Sponsor Rep. Neal Hendrickson
  • HB 100, Accessing Pornography on School Property; Sponsor Rep. Demar Bud Bowman
  • HB 108, Transportation Study * East-West Corridors in Salt Lake County and Counties of the Second Class; Sponsor Rep. Ron Bigelow
  • HB 207, School Truancy and Compulsory Education Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Eric Hutchings
  • HB 212, School Discipline Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Lorie Fowlke
  • HB 223, Voter Information Website; Sponsor Rep. Wayne Harper
  • HB 259, Mechanics Liens on Certain New Development Housing; Sponsor Rep. Patrick Painter
  • HB 271, Corporation Law Amendments; Sponsor Rep. Kevin Garn
  • HB 315, Regulation of Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices; Sponsor Rep. Aaron Tilton
  • HR 1, House Rules Resolution * Occupational and Professional Licensure Review Committee Summary Report; Sponsor Rep. Michael Morley

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