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Governor Huntsman: Divine Strake Defeated

Salt Lake City - Governor Jon Huntsman declared a victory for Utah today, announcing the Defense Threat Reduction Agency had canceled the Divine Strake experiment.

"This is an expression of the will of the people and a huge victory for all Utahns," Governor Huntsman said. "This isn't a political achievement as much as a reflection of democracy at work. The people of Utah made their voices heard and those in Washington listened. It's an extremely consequential outcome and a great day for Utahns."

Governor Huntsman submitted a comment package to the Department of Energy earlier this month which included the transcripts from hundreds of people who attended the two public hearings he called for in January. Thousands of comments from Utahns against the test were submitted to DOE.

"I wish to express my personal, sincere thanks to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for listening and thanks to all those who spoke out on this incredibly important issue," Governor Huntsman said.

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