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Sherrie Hayashi, Commissioner, Utah Labor Commission

Sherrie Hayashi

Sherrie Hayashi was appointed commissioner of the Utah Labor Commission in August 2006.

As the commissioner, Hayashi not only provides the leadership vital to achieving operational quality, but also the vision necessary to effectively implement key components of the agency's strategic planning. This ensures that the agency operates not only within its statutory authority but serves the public efficiently and effectively. The Utah Labor Commission is the regulatory agency central to preserving the balance established by the legislature for protecting the health, safety and economic well-being of employees and employers. It is a multi-division state agency including the following divisions: Utah Occupational Safety and Health (Utah OSHA), Antidiscrimination & Labor Division (UALD), Boiler, Elevator & Coal Mine Safety Division, Industrial Accidents, and the Adjudication Division.

Commissioner Hayashi is well-acquainted with the functions of the various divisions. During her tenure with the Labor Commission, she has served as the director of the Antidiscrimination and & Labor Division (UALD), and as associate general counsel for the Labor Commission, representing two special funds dealing with workers compensation, the Uninsured Employers Fund and the Employers Reinsurance Fund. Hayashi has also served as an assistant attorney general with the Utah Office of the Attorney General.

Professionally, Hayashi sits on the Board of the Utah Safety Council, where she served as chair from 2011-2012. Outside of the Labor Commission, Sherrie (added) Hayashi was one of the founding members and the first executive director of the Utah Multi-Cultural Legal Center, serving from 1997 to 2003. She has been involved in various community organizations, serving on various boards, including the Japanese American Citizens League, the Disability Law Center and the Utah Minority Bar Association.

Hayashi is highly recognized for her accomplishments within the legal community, receiving many honors and awards which include: Employment Lawyer of the Year awarded by the Labor & Employment Section of the Utah State Bar (2006); Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Pathfinder Awardee (2003); Utah Minority Bar Association, Distinguished Attorney of the Year, and Outstanding Professional, Utah Asian Chamber (2014).